10 ways to boost your energy in ten minutes or less.

Do your eyes become tired sleepy by noon?

When your energy level is depleting and dropping to the lowest level, do not look at a piece of candy, all sweet things, or even an energy drink in order to raise it again, as it is possible that sugar and caffeine give you a sense of the advantage of choosing them, but soon your energy will drop after that to feel You’re in more drain, so you need a permanent solution to maintain your energy level or at least reduce energy loss. Here are ten great ways to leave you feeling refreshed and energized throughout the day:

1- /Eat breakfast
Classify people who eat breakfast every morning as less tired and stressed than those who skip breakfast, as foods high in fiber such as hot oats boost your energy and prevent you from hunger during the entire day, so they are better for you than pastries. Or sugary pancakes. As hunger is known to lower your energy.

2- /Doing the Do Moka Svanasana Exercise (Downward Dog)
It is a type of yoga exercise, as some studies have found that yoga that uses different postures and deep breathing during exercise and meditation can be an excellent fight against fatigue.

3- /Save your favorite melody
Singing gives you a high emotional feel while reducing the levels of stress hormones in your body. So grab your hairbrush, turn on your favorite song and repeat with it, and if you are at work and don’t want to face the strange glances of your coworkers, you can do it in the car.

4/- You should drink water.
Dehydration make you feel tired and exhausted, but you don’t necessarily have to follow the “eight cups a day” rule as you have to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. You can tell that your body is not dehydrated when you are not thirsty and your urine is light in color. So drink from fridge and refrigerator water every few hours, even walking there will help you feel energized and alert.

5/- Have nuts.
Eating less peanuts or almonds reduces fatigue and lethargy. The fact that these nutrients are high in magnesium and folate (folic acid), which are essential elements in the production of energy and cells.

6/- Eat a stick of cinnamon.
Some people say that a whiff of this aromatic spice can reduce fatigue and give them a feeling of alertness and energy. And if there is no cinnamon near you, take a mint tablet from your bag. Where the aromatic smell of mint is another factor that helps in feeling energy and vitality, but there is no doubt that more research is needed to find out whether these scents actually affect a person’s energy level, as well as how these smells affect them.

7/- Movement.
Exercise is a natural energy booster, and as you do it, oxygen-rich blood travels through your body, to your heart, muscles and brain. Sticking to a daily exercise even for ten minutes helps keep your energy levels at their peak. So you have to move around every opportunity that arises. even if it’s just wandering around in circles when you talk on the phone.

8- /Exposure to sunlight.
Research suggests that walking outside in a warm, clear atmosphere for a few minutes daily may improve mood, memory,also the ability to absorb new information, and it may even boost your confidence. If you can’t get out completely, at least open the curtains.

9- /Eat a snack.
brain needs fuel for the best function . When your blood sugar level drops, it starts to lethargic and becomes fuzzy. So if you feel dizzy, eat a snack that gives you enough energy to catch up with an afternoon. Snacks such as banana slices with peanut butter, or a plate of oats with fresh berries are slow-burning and are best for maintaining blood sugar levels in the long term.

10- /Going out with hopeful friends.
Emotions are amazingly transitional. Where negative people who are pessimistic all the time can constantly drain your energy, while those who are excited and always optimistic can give you real energy and energy.

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