4 Best Mobile games that help you get past the boredom of booking the Corona virus

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Role Of Mobile Games in Lockdown.

We do not want to underestimate or joke about it here, but the Corona virus, known scientifically as Covid-19, has become a global pandemic, a pandemic that has made many countries in the world and their governments impose quarantines on their citizens and impose confinement on them in their homes in order to reduce the damage and so stop The spread of the virus and its containment until a cure or at least control of the virus is noticed.

We are neither scientists nor skilled in medical matters when it comes to Coronavirus, but we have full confidence that this reservation and quarantine imposed by the virus may cause boredom to many, and may make your daily life unbearably boring, and may not saturate social media platforms Or any other services boredom that kills you abroad, and in the end it will turn into a struggle against the soul and the mind instead of the struggle against the virus.

To help you lying under the custody of the Corona virus, we have chosen 10 games for you for mobile (Android and iOS) that may forget this reservation and help you overcome it for as long as possible.

1 – Duel Links game

Yu Gi Oh: game Duel Links is a game available for Android and iOS and it is based on the story of anime Yu Gi Oh. Personally, I got addicted to this game years ago and I am still playing it until now, but in fact between paragraphs of any article I write I am entertaining About myself, some beautiful games.

The game Duel Links depends on collecting many jewels and tools in order to open different card packages in order to create a perfect deck of cards, and you can also complete many missions in the game in order to unlock new characters and new worlds, so far the game includes 4 worlds: Dual Monster, GX, DSOD and 5D’s, and in every world you will find many, many missions.

We chose this game for you because it is difficult to finish, rather it cannot be completed on its basis, as the number of cards in the game exceeds 100 thousand cards, and the number of characters is 80 characters that you can unlock and play. Konami also publishes dedicated events for the game every 15 days, which makes you always anxious for new, and of course, do not forget the PvP matches in which it competes with other people around the world.

2 – PUBG game

PUBG or PlayerUknown’s Battle Ground is one of the most popular games currently, this game comes with the famous Battle Royal mode in which you land on a specific island along with 99 other players (either individually or squad) and you will have to kill others in order to survive throughout March of this game.

In the beginning the game was almost limited, only specific maps and two modes of play, but now many improvements have been added to the game and many modes of play (Modes) that you can choose diversify the style of play, even if you want to master the game of Peggy.

We chose PUBG game for you for two reasons, first because it is addictive. The game of Peggy posed a danger to many because of their excessive addiction to the game, which led to the game’s manufacturer allocating hours of play in some countries to only 8 hours per day (yes, some used to play it more than that daily). At first it seems terrible or bad and it is, but at a time like this you may want to get addicted to a game for hours of tight coordination Corona reservation. As for the second reason, it is an endless game as well, so you will have to play matches, win some gifts and develop your character, and it is difficult to find the game after one or two games, and you will need a lot in order to master the style of play.

3 – City Island 5 game

The worst case scenario may happen to you now that you are locked up in your home due to the quarantine imposed by the Coronavirus and you do not have the Internet at all, I think that your gallery definitely needs cleaning, but this will not keep you busy for days, so why not suggest City Island 5.

It is an Android Offline game that is strategic and simple in its gameplay, and it may take days to finish one round in the game because of its severity. In general, enter the game in an empty area with some money and energy, you will have to build your utopian city now through this game in the manufacture of economic stores, homes, shops, parks …, and try to gain the confidence of your residents and increase their number also while providing all their requirements, While playing you will be able to unlock other islands where you also play and build other cities in them. This strategy game may keep you busy for hours on end, and you will never get tired of it.

There are games similar to this game, such as SimCity, for example, or Metropolis, which are also available for Android and iOS, but this game is more branching, accurate and practical, the rest of the games require you hours to build a building, for example, which may get you bored at times while you wait.

4 – Eternium game

We’ll talk a little bit about Eternium here, we know that many people are not very fond of RPGs and prefer to play other types of games, but RPG game techniques are good for spending a long time playing without getting bored or tiring.

RPG or Role Playing Games are games in which you take specific characters and you will have to develop their abilities, such as obtaining money in order to buy character upgrades, weapons, and so on, then perform various tasks such as killing a specific monster or going on an exploration tour in the woods and collecting the loot And so on.

Eternium is one of the most popular RPG games, it can be played online or you can download all its files to your device and play it in the offline mode, at first you take a simple and weak character and you will have to go to the paths and forests and kill anything that confronts you in order to collect money and Improving your character in order to go on stronger and deeper missions, you will be able to get some help from other characters that are controlled by the AI ​​in the middle of the game.

We chose this game for you because it is slow in the pace of gameplay, for example PUBG is fast in the pace of play that requires speed, accuracy, killing and acceleration of adrenaline, while the Eternium game requires you to be patient and intelligent, prepare your character and take caution and caution.

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