7 Best Google Play Store alternatives in android

Let’s be realistic, the Google Play Store is no longer the professionalism that anyone aspiring to perfection is looking for, the applications in the store have become heavily advertising, and the platform imposes specific applications on you and may not provide you with the ability to download useful global applications. No, the worst is that the best applications that you really need are not present in the Google Play Store because they are “contrary to the terms of use,” and that is because they include the phrase “YouTube” in the description of the
application, for example.

All these reasons may push you to search for an alternative to the Google Play Store in order to download better effective and professional applications. A questioner might ask and tell me: But downloading apps from external stores is not safe. And we tell you our role: When was Google Play safe to begin with? Didn’t the platform delete 25 applications last week only because it spied on users and spread adware and advised them to delete them? Rather, hey, just a couple of days ago, a bunch of data-leaking VPN software was discovered in the Google Play Store. O safety!
Apart from all this, we have good news for you today, as we will show you a set of alternative services and platforms for the Google Play Store, which will help you completely download applications safely and professionally, and you can also get applications not found in the Google Play Store. Follow us.

AC Market store
We will initially recommend AC Market platform for you as an alternative platform for the Google Play Store, which is a mobile application that provides you with a huge set of applications that you need in your smartphone, the platform is constantly renewed to keep pace with the latest developments in the applications that are launched every day. The platform can control the application update features for you to be the race to reach the latest developments in any application updates (especially upcoming updates such as Facebook’s regular status and others). All apps available in AC Market store are safe and you can download them safely. The games also in the platform are complete, and you can even get paid games originally on the Google Play Store for free from the AC Market platform.

AppGallery Store
It was not significant in the past, nor was it strong and good, and did not even include applications that might benefit you about a year ago from now, but when America declared its war on China and banned American companies such as Google and others dealing with Huawei (you can learn more from here) On the US ban of Huawei), I initially thought of buying the Aptoide store (we will review it in this article as well), but later I decided to develop its own service, AppGallery, to become what it is today.
Today, the AppGallery platform includes the most powerful applications in the world, including the basic applications (Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat …), then another group of applications that may benefit you, some of which have even been deleted or banned from the Google Play Store because they do not comply with the US policy. To Google, and AppGallery has welcomed it with open arms. We suggest you to try this platform.

F-Droid Store
The F-Droid store is really not strong to be frank with you, it does not include the huge amount of applications you want, but it does not even include simple applications such as Facebook or WhatsApp, so why on earth is it so popular? And why is it on this list originally? The F-Droid Store has one characteristic that is not found in any other store, and that is that it provides only open-source applications, open-source applications, we mean exactly the applications that you can view their source code and know the content of the application and its features. This automatically makes any application on the F-Droid platform highly secure and professional, and most importantly, you will not find one like it no matter what you search. If you are one of the people interested in open source applications developed by other programmers in this world, and you always want to explore new developments related to this class of applications, do not forget to try F-Droid.

Mirror APK Store
Best Google Play Store alternatives
One of my favorite platforms personally, and what makes it so is not the diversity of applications, but rather the ability to download any application across different materials to run on any Android device such as TV screens, for example. The only problem with the APK Mirror platform is that it does not provide an official mobile application of its own, and its use is only available on its website or through the Telegram channel (which will automatically direct you to the site). But overall, it is considered a miraculous platform, it provides you with any type of application you want, whether banned from the Google Play Store or others in the store from its foundations, and it is considered a strong alternative to the Google Play Store that you can rely on entirely. And for video game lovers, you will have access to a huge amount of famous and powerful video games, all games are available on the platform and more as well.

APKPure Store
This platform is very similar to the Google Play Store, and is considered one of the best alternative platforms for the Google Play Store specifically, due to the similarity between them and the provision of the same amount of applications and games. What is unique about the APKPure platform is that it is a platform available on each of their official application, or via the website, and you can download any game or application in APK format completely and absolutely safe and install it on any device and use it normally. It also allows you to manage applications by installing updates as soon as they arrive, just remember that installing updates is manual so that the application does not do anything except with your permission, unlike the Google Play Store, which once connected to the Internet starts to update something!

Aurora Store
Best Google Play Store alternatives
A good store, we can say that the Aurora Store is an advanced version of the aforementioned F-Droid store, and that is because the store serves the same goal, so all the applications in it are open applications Source You can view its source code, the Aurora store searches for it and adds it, in addition to adding all the information about it and the ability to download it. The interface of the platform is good and can be considered better than the interface of F-Droid in my opinion, and that is because the latter did not update it in years, which has become very traditional. Generally speaking, you may want to give this alternative store a chance in the future.

Galaxy Store
Then we conclude this article with you in the Galaxy Store of Samsung, in fact we suggest this application to you only in case you want to change, because it is simply very similar to the Google Play Store and we cannot literally say that it is an alternative store to the Google Play Store more than we say that Just a miniature version of it, as Samsung unfortunately did not work seriously on its store as Huawei did with the AppGallery application, but in the future, we may see some new spark in the store after adding a group of new applications not present in the Google Play Store. In fact, Samsung has to go towards this option, Google denied Huawei overnight, and there is no evidence that it will not do the same with Samsung, so we hope to develop this store soon.

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