What is PC-PLUS Technologies? Explained


PC-PLUS technologies was established in 1988 to provide a full scope of services to local business. Our premium networking services include the initial consultation and planning meeting to the full implementation of Novell, Windows NT, WAN and Windows peer-to-peer networks. We provide networking and technical consulting for businesses that can’t afford to staff this position … Read more

How Technology Changed Our Lives


How Technology Changed Our Lives Society and technology: partners to change our lives Ancient and modern human civilizations have benefited from the way technology has changed our lives, and this has been hampered by technological innovation, inventions, and engineering applications used in societies to perform specific tasks. Technological innovation became necessary for societies to flourish … Read more

Internet Space Race: All you need to know about the Amazon Kuiper, a rival to the Star Link project

Amazon Kuiper Sattelite

The competition in the space Internet race between companies intensified after the Amazon company, run by billionaire man in the world, Jeff Bezos, received official approval from the US government to launch its “Project Kuiper” satellites in low Earth orbit to serve the broadband of the Internet around the world. What is the Amazon Kuiper … Read more

7 Best Google Play Store alternatives in android

Play store alternatives

Let’s be realistic, the Google Play Store is no longer the professionalism that anyone aspiring to perfection is looking for, the applications in the store have become heavily advertising, and the platform imposes specific applications on you and may not provide you with the ability to download useful global applications. No, the worst is that … Read more