20 Amazing Facts Of Japan the Wondrous Planet On Earth!

Japan is an important developed countries that presented a unique experience and a model for civilization and advancement, in addition to the gentle morals of its people and their reverence for work, a characteristic that is one of the most prominent characteristics of the Japanese people, and Japan’s fame may revolve around industrial and technological progress or preservation of the environment and interest in education, but it was not mentioned One to know the characteristics of its people and the most prominent traditions that were not highlighted before.

There are a lot of facts that many do not know about Japan, the most prominent of which are:

1- Women in Japan give gifts to men on Valentine’s Day and express their feelings to them, and do not wait for the man to take the first step in expressing his love.

2- Japan is characterized by the cheap prices of meat, fruits and fish, while the prices of fruits are very high, as the price of an apple reaches $ 2, while the cost of a watermelon is $ 200.

3- Grocery stores in Japan have a license to sell pornographic materials, whether they are movies or magazines.

4- The Japanese eat dolphin meat and prefer it because its meat tastes very good.

5- Japan uses the women-only vehicle system on the subway, especially during the morning rush hours, as there is a lot of harassment of women, whether verbal or physical harassment, so Japan records the highest rates of rape around the world.

6- Employees in Japan cannot leave work on time even if they have a logical reason for that, as this act is considered disloyal to the company, and it is necessary to obtain direct permission from their boss or wait until he leaves work first.

7- Female students in schools are not allowed to wear socks, even in cold weather, and the length of the school pocket varies from one girl to another, as girls in the last grades wear the short pocket.

8- Japan has the highest suicide rates in the world, if some people commit suicide to support others or because the head of the family decides to do so.

9- The only reason for the train delay in Japan is the suicide of a person under his wheels.

10- The Japanese do not have names for months, but they distinguish between them by sequential numbering such as 1,2 …

Japan is not just a country, it is a cultural, economic and technical power, in addition to being a country of “oddities”, in which there are many surprising things that we do not find in any other country. That is why many around the world describe this country as “the planet” … you know my lady Among the most surprising facts about Japan are things we cannot find in any other country.

Schools aren’t just for studying

In the world, cleaning workers are employed in schools to keep their classrooms and facilities clean, but not in Japan, as schools there “catch two birds with one stone”, as those who clean and arrange schools are the students themselves, in order to keep their study places clean , he learned many important values, such as responsibility, humility, dependence on themselves and group spirit.

Student safety first

We stay in Japanese schools, and we also keep comparing them with schools around the world in which students’ food is usually separate from the principal and teachers’ food, except that in Japan the principal tastes the students’ food before it is presented to them to ensure its safety, and that it does not contain any materials Harmful to students’ health, and when he deems it appropriate, he gives directions by distributing it to them to eat it.

Negation Chamber

It is true that Japan appears to be an ideal country in everything, but this does not mean that there are no negative things at all, but these matters definitely have their own, and among them is the exile room that many companies use to push unwanted employees to submit their resignations without He dismissed them arbitrarily, as the administration transfers the employee to the exile room, and gives him orders to do things that are extremely bored, which are of no use at all, such as staying staring at the TV or computer screen for 8 hours or more, until he reaches a state of pressure and boredom pushing him to resign By himself.

Work nap

We all realize that sleeping in the office during official working hours can bring us many problems that start with an alarm or alert and end with expulsion. We all struggle with the extreme sleepiness that we experience during work, but in Japan, it is completely different! If the manager passes by one of the sleeping employees, he is not entitled to shout at him, punish him, or even wake him, because he believes that he has not reached this state of fatigue and drowsiness, except because he makes great efforts at work, and that after this nap the activity will return to him, and it is called This nap is “inemuri”.

Adoption of adults

Imagine, in Japan, you can adopt an adult aged 20 or 30. One of the most common of these cases is for the owner of a large company, who does not have children, to adopt an adult to take his name and surname and maintain the business. To become a legal heir, or for a businessman to have a son who cannot bear this responsibility, so he adopts a young man who is able to do so. One of the most famous figures that did this was the owner of the giant Suzuki.

Capsule hotels

You are in another city, or you do not want to stay home, and at the same time you do not want to go to a hotel that costs you a lot of money. The Japanese authorities took this matter seriously, and created the so-called “capsule hotels”, a metaphor for very small places that resemble lockers, accommodating only one person who would not be standing, and including a bed, TV and Wi-Fi service, which is cheap, not exceeding $ 15 a night.

Dental smear operations

Every country has own ideas about beauty, and the same is true in Japan, even if it is somewhat strange! Among those ideas are dental distortions, as the Japanese see misaligned and inconsistent teeth as a feature of beauty, so that many of them are practically

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