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Raspberry Pi chip

Raspberry Pi Chip

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The third version of Raspberry Pi (model B +) has a quad-core processor with a frequency of 1.4 GHz, a RAM of 1 GB, and other good specifications can be found from the link, and these specifications make Raspberry Pi excellent for use in many wonderful and amazing applications for which we will mention some examples It follows.

If this is the first time that you hear the name Raspberry Pi, we are simply talking about a very small computer about the size of a palm, but its capabilities far exceed its size, it combines the capabilities of computers and the small size, and the competitive price, which does not exceed 35 USD.

Web server

Raspberry Pi is distinguished by its low energy consumption, as it can operate 24/7 without the need for a cooling fan or a large electricity bill, and this is what makes Raspberry excellent as a web server for light applications or trying new things, as it is fast enough to display web pages, Either online or within a local network, and with Raspberry Pi dont worry internet interruptions or slowdowns that usually affect the results,
Laptop :
We said at the beginning that Raspberry Pi is a computer in every sense of the word, but for accuracy we must say that it represents the motherboard that contains the processor, memory and graphics card. So, with the addition of some other components, we can get an all-in-one laptop.

If you think this is a joke then believe me it is not so, and to make sure for yourself, I invite you to know about pi-top, which is a laptop with a price of up to 319 dollars, and is based on Raspberry Pi 3. The pi-top works on Linux and contains Lots of educational programs that help children learn to code.

home theater :

All you need is Raspberry Pi, a TV, and Kodi streaming software, and follow the instructions in this article in detail, and your home theater is ready. In fact, it’s very similar to downloading Kodi on your PC, but this time you will do the same with Raspberry.

Extend the range of your Wi-Fi signal :

If you own a large house, you may have previously suffered from weak Wi-Fi signal in some corners of the house far from the signal transmitter, and although there are ready-made solutions available in the market, you can build your own extender using Raspberry Pi, and by following the steps in the following article .

Wheeled robot :

You must have previously seen one of the wheeled robots, whether in reality or even through video clips, and with the Raspberry Pi, which forms the brain of the robot, a similar robot can be made, but you will also need some other components such as electric motors, wheels and some electronic components. The benefit of this application is to teach children the principles of making and programming robots, as well as collecting signals from various sensors and processing them.

Robot arm :

We can make another type of robots using Raspberry Pi, which is the robotic arm that we see in factories and laboratories, but we will in fact only build a simplified model for this arm that is only capable of giving you a bottle of juice to drink! Raspberry Pi alone is not sufficient to implement this model; Because we need, as in the previous example, an exoskeleton, and a set of engines and sensors.

There is an educational group called MeArm Pi to teach the construction of robotic arms, where children or adults learn through this group many important information about robots, and how to build and develop them.

A device to communicate with Alexa :
Amazon offers its Echo Dot, which enables you to communicate with the smart assistant (Alexa), and although buying the device is a good idea, you can build your own device using Raspberry Pi, but you must also buy a speaker and microphone; To build this device, you can follow the instructions in the following article.

Surveillance camera :

If you are a fan of police movies, Raspberry Bay will not deprive you of the pleasure of building your own surveillance camera, which is wireless and is relatively cheap, not to mention the fun that you will have while building this camera. All you need is a Raspberry Pi chip (Zero W), which is a rather cheap chip. in fact , you will need one of the cameras produced by Raspberry Pi, which is compatible with the chip, and then follow the instructions in the above video and the next article.

Plants watering device :

Taking care of plants is a very wonderful hobby, but at the same time it needs a fair amount of effort to protect and preserve these plants, and here comes the role of regular watering, and if you struggle with adhering to a specific watering schedule, Raspberry Bay has the solution.

In addition to the Raspberry Pi slide, you need a soil moisture sensor, and you will also need a water pump. It remains to program the Raspberry Pi to measure soil moisture and pump water when needed, but for more details you can review the details of this project in the following article.

Weather news platform :

We conclude with this unique project, which is a platform to monitor the temperature and humidity in or outside your room.
Raspberry Pi can be used with some sensors to do this job. Sensors are used as a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor to obtain information, and then this information can be processed by raspberry, and displayed in the way you want, and you can also use this information to automatically operate the air conditioner or even open the window.

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