Health Tips Gone Wrong

Health Tips Gone Wrong Don’t Do These Mistakes

If you were asked to share your favorite “healthy living tip,” you could probably come up with something fairly quick. I have a section of my brain that I know is devoted purely to helpful health tips, and I can share them on the spot. The great part about healthy living tips is that they are usually great advice. Unfortunately, as with all good advice, you must receive it with a grain of salt. In other words, a health tip could actually become an unhealthy tip if you take it too literally and abuse the advice rather than use it appropriately.

I want to share a few wonderful health tips that, when applied correctly, are really excellent advice. However, several of these tips have likely been the very reason many of you have either gained weight or been unable to lose it.

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1. Eat lots of good fat.

While you should be eating monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in foods like avocados, almond butter, and olive oil, you have to consume in moderation! Even though this is a fat you should consume, it’s not a free for all. The size of your portions is directly related to the size of your waistline.

2. Binge on the weekends.

You know I am all about having a cheat meal. But ONE cheat meal. Not one day, not one weekend, ONE MEAL. If you start binging Friday night and don’t watch your food intake until Monday morning rolls around, you will gain weight.

3. Trips to the gym will keep me skinny.

Once again, yes! Go to the gym. Work out hard. But guys, a trip to the gym does not burn off your weekend of gluttony. Working out has to be coupled with clean eating. In fact a healthy diet is 80% of maintaining a healthy body. The gym won’t fix all your problems.

4. Eat what you want when you’re PMSing.

Obviously, this one’s for the ladies. Your body may be craving salt and sugar all at the same time, but your body is not going to magically make that fat and sugar disappear from your body without leaving side effects. While your cravings are very real, don’t give in to more than one piece of chocolate.

5. Popcorn is a great snack.

Popcorn really is a great snack. Air popped popcorn is relatively low in calories (30 calories per cup). However, a large bowl is going to hold closer to 6 cups of popcorn, which is still a relatively great snack to choose. The problem comes at the movie theatre and in microwave popcorn bags. Add butter and salt, and your popcorn is anything but a healthy snack.

6. Water cures all problems.

Water will be glad to flush out your intoxicated system, but it doesn’t magically make you skinny after making poor eating decisions. Lots of water is definitely the way to go to help cleanse your system, but it does not cover a multitude of sins.

I loved this article from because it shows how easy it is for us to take really great health advice and abuse it to make excuses for ourself. Every tip above is a legitimate health tip by itself. However, taken a little too liberally and you can quickly over-consume and under-exercise.

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