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Machine learning

Machine learning Technology

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Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience. Machine learning algorithms are utilized in the right sort of applications, like email filtering and computer vision, where it’s difficult or infeasible to develop conventional algorithms to perform the needed tasks.

Machine learning is associated with computational statistics, which focuses on making predictions using computers. The study of mathematical optimization delivers methods, theory, and application domains to machine learning. Data processing may be a related field of study that specializes in exploratory data analysis through unsupervised learning.

The term machine learning or (ML) refers to the science that studies algorithms and statistical models employed by computer programs to find out to perform specific tasks during a similar thanks to humans, without counting on pre-written code, which may be a branch of AI that’s one among the foremost promising technical developments, which may change the world’s shape and open up new futures almost like what we see in fantasy movies.

Machine learning applications are used today effectively in many areas of our lives, ranging from the important sectors like health and security, electronic stores and banking services, up to look engines and social networks et al. , and just in case you’ve got the curiosity to ascertain some real samples of using ML in practical life, we’ll provide during this article, you’ve got companies that employ the capabilities of this technology in new and exciting ways, so continue with us.

Yelp Corporation
Machine learning

Yelp was founded in 2004 to assist local businesses and supply a platform for people to write down reviews and evaluate these businesses like restaurants, shops, etc., and while Yelp doesn’t appear as a technical company within the first place, it only uses machine learning to enhance the user experience from critics et al. , and supported the very fact that the pictures An equally important component of the reviews themselves. the corporate always strives to enhance its handling style.

The company relied on machine learning for several years through image classification technology, where it developed a system to know it supported learning algorithms that help the human crew of the corporate to gather , sort and address them more efficiently and with less effort, which makes it easier for users to classify the large numbers of those images that constitute an upscale window for viewing On local business.

Pinterest Corporation

Pinterest is a web platform that permits users to get new ideas for a spread of projects where it relies on machine learning to understand user preferences and suggest ideas supported them. In 2015, it acquired Kosei, a corporation specialized in commercial machine learning applications, specifically the sector of content discovery and suggestion algorithms, which Help provide a singular and personalized experience for every individual user.

The machine learning model puts each image on the platform within an enormous diagram that has quite 3 billion images or “knots” and about 18 billion lines connecting these images, the result being detailed content for every image that permits Pinterest to propose similar ideas objectively for any project Whatever its type, today most platform operations include slightly of machine learning touches from searching to filtering fraudulent content, ads, and more.

T-Mobile Company

T-Mobile is one among the most important telephone network providers within the us , providing data exchange and call services to quite 83 million customers, and with this massive number of users, customer service has quickly become impractical on the financial front, rather than following the normal method and asylum To program chatbots chat bots used machine learning to assist human customers better interact with customers.

Using the large amounts of knowledge received from customers, T-Mobile was ready to train its algorithms to know texts with high accuracy as humans, where the foremost common problems are collected during a database therefore the algorithm analyzes the matter in search of the acceptable solution, then the knowledge is passed on to the customer service employee, which it’s allowed to help the customer at a rate much faster than before.

The Volvo Company

Cars generate large amounts of knowledge today, especially with the enhancement of smart IoT technologies to attach them to the web always, and since Volvo launched the primary car with the power to attach to the web in 1998 worked to develop its strategy to require advantage of knowledge , it began to merge warranty claim data with Telemetry to predict when a spare will fail or a vehicle need maintenance.

To form predictive analyzes supported machine learning through a vast data set, Volvo teamed up with Teradata, a database and analysis software company. They reached an early warning system that analyzes quite 1,000,000 events per week to ascertain its correlation with failure and failure rates, thereby enhancing its impressive reputation for safety. Additionally, to that system, the corporate is developing its self-driving algorithms.

Baidu Corporation

The Google search giant isn’t the sole one curious about opening up to AI and machine learning technology, the Chinese program Baidu is additionally investing heavily in those applications, and one among the foremost interesting developments within the company’s R&D laboratory is what it called Deep Voice ), Which may be a deep neural network which will generate completely artificial human sounds that’s very difficult to differentiate from real human conversation.

The network can learn the precise and unique details inherent within the rhythm, accent, method of pronunciation, and vocal tone to supply frighteningly identical copies of the speaker’s voice, and consistent with the corporate it’s currently conducting experiments on a subsequent version of the project, which will have an impression on tongue processing, which is that the technique utilized in voice research And voice pattern recognition systems.

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