India’s Only Floating Post Office ?

Floating Post Office

India’s one & only Floating post office in Srinagar

If there can be a floating lake, floating mosque, and floating market, then a temporary post office should not be surprised because it actually exists. The floating post office is located in the beautiful city of Srinagar in Kashmir, amidst snow-capped mountains on a huge houseboat in Dal Lake.

In fact, the fact here is that it is not the only floating post office in India, but also in the world, which makes it a unique piece of architecture!

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You may have come to a floating restaurant, floating market, or floating hotel but what about a floating post office? Okay, it exists in the world and is geographically located in India. Located in the ultra-beautiful city of Srinagar, Kashmir.

This floating post office is known for its unique style of architecture. It is situated on a huge houseboat in Dal Lake, amidst the natural beauty of the snow-capped mountains.

India is included with a lot of treasures and myths to tell the world after generations. So, here is the floating post office of India, which is considered a masterpiece of architecture. However, when you are there to catch a glimpse of the boat, you may think that it is the usual ‘peak boat’.

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But when you look at it closely, an official board will be displayed in the red and yellow logo of the Indian Post Office. It reads – ‘Floating Post Office, Dal Lake.’

People not only come to this post office to post their letters, but many other tourists also visit this place. It also provides internet facility and international phone calls. Additionally, the post office has facilities with postage stamps (collection and study of postage stamps) that portray a large collection of unique stamps.

You can also buy postcards, tickets, local goods, and greeting cards at the souvenir shop there.

The architecture incorporates many travelers and tourists and becomes an important tourist destination to hold in this way. It is truly incredible that so many travelers go to the post office just to send cute words to their loved ones for God.

More interestingly, the stamps here display the image of Dal Lake. So, when you visit Kashmir, just do not forget to visit ‘Kala Kala of Nature’!

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Where is it located?

You can see this post office in Srinagar floating on the water of the grand Dal Lake. At first glance, you might think that this is a common Shikara boat, a fairly common sight in the city, but if you look closely, you will see the official yellow and red logo of the Indian Post Office. There is a board that has a floating post office, Dal Lake.


You do not believe that there are numbers of travelers who come to the post office just to send postcards to their loved ones. Also, the stamp here has the image of Dal Lake, which is a tribute to this work of nature away. There can’t be a better souvenir, right?

About post office

The floating post office was inaugurated in the year 2011 by the then Chief Minister of the state of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah as well as Minister of State for Communications and IT Sachin Pilot.

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It is an active post office which is visited not only by the locals for posting letters but also by the tourists at large. Other services offered here include international phone calls and internet facilities.

In addition, there is a philosophical museum on the premises of the post office which has a huge collection of unique stamps. In addition, there is a souvenir shop from which one can purchase postcards, tickets, local items, and greeting cards.

So, the next time we visit Srinagar, make sure that you send postcards to your near and dear ones from the world’s only temporary post office!

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