Ludo King Review: Neutral Board Game Is Now In Your Pocket 2020

Ludo king review

Ludo King review ..

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Tackle the old days when you used to play the iconic board game with Ludo or die as a child. You used to go to the center of the Ludo board dealing with opponents to roll death and take tokens from home and either sideline or attack them to become the ultimate Ludo King.

Ludo King is based on the game of Pachisi which was played in India in ancient times when Indian kings and queens played it as their favorite time. Fast forward to our childhood when I suspect that someone has prevented it from playing as a traditional Ludo board game.

It is a nostalgic game that people think about all their lives and wonder what it is, it is back but in your smartphone. The rules and laws remain the same and in fact, it is playing as a physical board game compared to the few friends in the game.

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The user interface is easy and self-explanatory. You get the option of playing Ludo King in local multiplayer with a computer or rope or your Facebook friends to play with you. The game has two parts i.e. the iconic Ludo King and another famous Indian game Snakes and Ladders.

Playing the character of Ludo King

I used to play this game a lot as a kid (board game) and therefore, I am familiar with every rule and regulation and how to play it and since it is a digital version of a board game, more to remember Is not.

You have four tokens and you need to die on ‘six’ to get the token out of the house and take it to the center and be the first player to do so. Now, when you take the token out of the house, you must bypass or attack the opponent’s token to complete a full circle and scale to the center of the board. attacked.

You can roll a die once, but if you get a six ‘on it, you can roll it again, but you can’t get a three 6 because it will inform the turn and your opponent will take it to their advantage. Can use for. That is a very original idea on how to play Ludo King.

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Snakes and ladders

Snakes and Ladders (S&L) is another part of the Ludo King in case you are bored with it. The game works on the same principle and rules as traditional S&L board games where you need to pick up your tokens from 01 to 100.

The board is filled with ladders and snakes, whenever you land on the tail of the ladder, you end up scaling. Towards higher numbers via shortcuts. In return, whenever you land on the snake’s tail, you scale up to the snake’s mouth and restart the game by 01.

Likewise, if you accidentally put a token on the snake’s mouth, you have to start again. Game again.

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What are the perks playing this game?

Unlike traditional board games, the Ludo game app allows users to connect to any corner of the world and play together. Since the game follows an auto drive system, no cheat codes or cheating are allowed in the game. In addition, you can stop and resume the game whenever you want and whenever you want.

You get options to chat with your friends or connect other users with local or international players and get a friend for life. You can challenge your friends’ four-to-face pair or challenge the computer to play against it.

You can add up to 6 players to play with this exciting game and all have chatting and fun with them. These are probably some of the reasons that Ludo King has become one of the most downloaded games in India and elsewhere with over 100 million downloads and counting, and the user base still grows due to the nostalgic and addictive gaming experience Used to be.

This is a comparatively new feature where the Google Play Store allows the user to try out the game before downloading which means no commitments. This feature may not be available with other apps. So what are you still waiting for? Watch this cool game on the Google Play Store here.

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