Sharkid App: Get Rs 20 free cash on signing up + Rs 20 for each reference {Unlimited trick added}

Sharkid App

SharkID App is a new app. you can get all the details about your friends even once they change the number. There are also many benefits of this app which we have added in the details and you can easily know from there.

Well there people have started for promotional work, they have offered SharkID App Refer and Earn Offer and Free Paytm Cash for every reference. Well here we can earn up to 251 rupees by referring friends and you can earn it easily because we have added SharkID App Unlimited Trick.

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We have also added a Sharkid app referral link to get free 20 rupees as a signup bonus. Friends leave all this, just follow a few steps SharkID App Free Paytm Cash Offer:

How to get Rs 20 Paytm Cash from SharkID App

1) Click here to download the Sharkki app

2) Now install and open the app

3) Now click on the box and accept the terms and conditions

4) Then click on the Agree button shown below

5) After this you have to enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP

6) They will ask for your details, but all this, and choose your SharkID

7) Next skip all the steps they asked and you will be in the dashboard

8) Click on the menu option and choose the referral option

9) Get your referral link by clicking on the Invite Friends option

10) You will get Rs 20 for each reference. Paytm will get cash and the maximum reference will be 20

11) We will get your Paytm money in few hours

Click on share app unlimited free rupees 251 paise cash

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For mobile

1) Clear app data of SharkID app

2) After this uninstall the app

3) Use your own link and download the application

4) Enter any unregistered number or buy from OTP vendor

5) After all the registration process you will receive your referral amount in your wallet

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For pc users

1) Download Bluestack emulator for PC

2) Next time use your reference link and download sharkki app every time

3) and earn 20 rupees for each reference

Benefits of share app

Sharkid is a free smart phone application available for iOS as well as Android smartphones. connect from your native phone-book to smart real-time phone-book, auto-update your contacts, create and share business cards, brand dialing, connect with people around you and more.

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Why use sharkid App?

Unique Identity: Make your name your brand identity. Create a six to ten character unique identity (which is on SharkKid. This ID becomes an access card for your contact details, business details, and social media accounts.

AUTO Contact book: Get rid of the hassle of adding new contacts, merging duplicate contacts, dead entries, and removing old contact details.

Business cards: Make personal cards and many business cards on Shark according to your requirement. Add our contact details & link your social media accounts. Share your business card digitally by sharing your SharkID.

NEARBY: Easily find people around you to connect with them and share personal cards and business cards. The passing feature on Sharkid is GPS, NFC, Bluetooth enabled.

Brand Dialing: Get a detailed list of brands with your contact details by typing and searching

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Add on features: Get notifications about updates from people you like or follow. Features such as blocking spam, block and mark to increase privacy and avoid unwanted calls. For contacts you do not follow, their card silently auto-updates in the background so the next time you look for their contact details, this is correct.

Gross: Create similar interest groups. connect with your friends, family, and colleagues.

And more: Backup your contacts on our secure and encrypted cloud. No hidden costs, no advertisements. Each mobile number you add must be verified when creating a profile.

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