The Complete Best Guide To Khata Book In 2020

Khata book app

Khata Book is New Trending Application For The Shopkeepers, In this application, we get some such features that if you want to keep the details of the borrowed things of the people visiting your shop, then you can keep it digitally very easily.

In today’s digital era this application is for shoppers Is a boon and everyone must use it

Characteristics of Khata Book

  • 100% free, safe and secure.
  • Free SMS updates or WhatsApp to your customers on every transaction.
  • Automatic and secure online backup.
  • Create personal account books to manage udhaar / len-den of your friends and family.
  • Send WhatsApp payment reminders to your customers.
  • Manage multiple shops within one app.
  • Download your customer PDF report.
  • Use an account book account on more than one phone.
  • you can set payment reminder
  • Secure your account book using App Lock.
  • Add / edit a customer in an account book.
  • Add transaction made by customer.
  • Edit / delete old transactions.
  • Simple UX / UI design to manage.

Especially useful for shoppers and small and medium businesses doing sales on Credit and Lane Den.

Any category of shop can use:

  • Mobile Recharge and Electronics Shops
  • General Store, Grocery Shop, Grocery Store, Provision Store
  • Bakery, Snacks and Juice Shops – Jewelry Shop, Jewelers, Gold Dealers
  • Medical Store, Local Pharmacy
  • Clothing, Tailor Shop
  • tea shops, Paan shops, cigarette shops
  • Personal Credit Book Keeping

Earlier shops used to have stickers for life and quotes on business and business values ​​that I would always check for them at the door or counter. So here is some humor that brightens our lockdown life. Some quotes on Udhri

Great Indian Retail, Technology and MSME Story

Global Strategic Studies, there are about 12 million grocery stores per 1000 people in India, the highest density than any other county in the world. This is why there is a grocery store in every street and still survives the competition and is also a part of the competition.

Of that, around 15k grocery has digitalized their operations on orders, delivery or payment with the mobile app. Overall adoption is still low.

Most traders are developing markets are not currently online.

See here and here and here for some retail market statistics

Of course, each founder has a story behind the product, and PR has allowed the story to be printed in our minds as well.

The Khatabook story – empowering udhari khata(book-keeping)

Legally registered as ADJ Utility Apps Pvt Ltd, the company was founded by Ravish Naresh, Jaideep Poonia, Ashish Sonon and Dhanesh Kumar.

Khatabook headquartered in Bangalore is a fintech based utility app that has been used with AI / machine learning for the common man to understand the nuances of great Indian communication and business i.e. disrupt the traditional approach to the bottom pyramid ie bookkeeping

Started in 2018, Khatabook achieved steady growth. Right now, this digital laser app has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store with a 4.5 rating.

Businesses can manage their credit-debit accounts on the app, where transactions are recorded and available for review.

We can share transaction in WhatsApp & SMS reminders to users when the money is to be paid or collected. The app also provides support in any language.

It helps businesses understand and make better decisions with the reports it generates.

The application automatically backs up all transactions online, so merchants don’t have to worry about losing their smartphone.

Khatabook has raised a total of $ 173M in funding over 6 weeks. His latest funding was raised from a Series B round on May 20, 2020

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