Top 10 Best ways to get rid of Stress or Headache

How To Get Rid Of Stress

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Psychological stress is a problem of the times, due to the prevailing rapid rhythm of life, which requires the need to rebalance the nervous system, and improve the way of thinking, to get rid of this feeling.

1- Exercise

Exercise combat anxiety and stress. The benefit of exercise lies in practicing it regularly, so it is recommended to follow exercises that can be enjoyed, such as walking, dancing or rock climbing.

Note that activities – such as walking or jogging – that involve repetitive movements of a large muscle group can especially relieve stress.

2. Supplements and nutrients

Some nutritional supplements contribute to reducing stress, which is represented by anxiety and tension, as you can take vitamin C supplements or drink fresh lemon juice, for example, as it plays a large role in its anti-anxiety effects.

One study showed that medical students’ omega-3 intake decreased their levels of anxiety by 20 percent.

Green tea is recommended because it contains many polyphenol antioxidants that may reduce the level of stress and anxiety by increasing serotonin levels.

And some supplements can interact with medications, so it is always advisable to consult your doctor.

3. Scented candles and essential oils

Using lighting or essential oils a scented candle may help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. There are a lot of scents that help calm nerves, including: lavender, vetiver, bergamot, incense, sandalwood, orange blossom, and others.

The use of aromatherapy helps treat mood, and several studies have shown that aromatherapy can reduce stress and improve sleep.

4. Reducing caffeine intake

Limit your intake of caffeine-containing drinks

Caffeine is in tea , coffee , chocolate, and energy drinks.

Consuming high doses of caffeine increases feelings of anxiety, so if you notice that caffeine is making you tense and anxious, try to reduce your daily intake.

Although many studies show that coffee is healthy if consumed in moderation, it is not a suitable drink for everyone, and in general, drinking 3 cups or less of coffee per day is considered a moderate amount.

5. Writing

Writing is an effective way to deal with stress, as writing down the things that bother you, can help you reduce anxiety and tension, and focus on positive thoughts in your life.

6. Chewing gum

One study showed that chewing gum boosts blood flow to the brain, and people who chewed gum had a best sense of well-being and decreased stress.

Therefore, it is advised to chew a piece of gum, to get rid of stress quickly, and to relieve the stress you are experiencing.

7. Spend more time with family and friends

Social support from friend and parents can help you get through difficult times, as it gives you a sense of belonging and self-worth.

One study showed that for women in particular, spending time with friends and children helped release oxytocin, a natural stress reliever.

Another study found that men and women who have the fewest social connections are more likely to suffer from psychological distress.

8. Laughter

Laugh and get rid of psychological tension

It’s hard to feel nervous when you laugh, and in the long run, laughter can improve your immune system and mood; So he advises watching comedy shows and movies or hanging out with friends who make you laugh.

9. Listen to calm music .

When You Are Sad or in Stress Listen Your Favorite Music or Songs They Will Give you Relief From Stress And Help You to Get rid of stress.

10. Deep breathing

The result of deep breathing is to focus awareness on the breaths, making them slower and deeper. And when we breathe deeply through the nose, the lungs fully expand and the abdomen rises, and this helps to slow down the heart rate, making you feel more calm, and get rid of the stress you are experiencing.

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